Excellence in K-12 Education

Alliance for Education

Partner since 2011


Secures seed capital for innovations in education and fosters city-wide support for excellence in Seattle Public Schools to help all children fulfill their potential as learners.


Our partnership supported the creation and implementation of the Seattle Teacher Residency (STR), an Urban Teacher Residency Program hosted at the University of Washington in partnership with Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Education Association. STR prepares teachers for successful careers in Seattle’s highest need schools. Our current grant supports laying the groundwork for developing the Puget Sound STEM Teacher Residency Program (PSSTR) and expanding to additional school districts in the greater Seattle area.


Discover U

Partner since 2010


Creates and supports enriched learning opportunities for traditionally underserved high school students in Texas – including internships, fellowships and job opportunities – that allow young people to see a future of better possibilities, including taking the next step toward higher education.


Our partnership supports the program’s growth from its pilot phase to its expansion in multiple high schools within its district. 

League of Education Voters Foundation

Partner since 2009


Works to create an education system in Washington State where every student has equal opportunity to succeed in college, work and life.


Our partnership supports awareness-raising, community mobilization and the pursuit of effective and innovative approaches to pre-K -12 education in Washington State. 

NBC News Education Nation

Partner 2011-2013


Engages the country in solutions-focused conversations about the state of education in the United States.


Our partnership supports the annual Education Nation summit, which convenes thought leaders and practitioners from the early learning and K-12 fields. 

New Classrooms

Partner since 2011


Redesigns the classroom to integrate multiple modalities of instruction into the same learning space – from live teacher-led lessons to software-based lessons and virtual tutors – to address students’ unique learning needs and styles.


Our partnership supports the development and launch of a national organization and R&D to drive increased student results. 

Stand for Children Washington State

Partner since 2010


Builds effective local and statewide grassroots networks to help all children get the excellent public education they need to thrive.


Our partnership supports Stand Universiy for Parents in Tacoma and Stand's work to support students and parents throughout the state. 

Teach for All

Partner 2011-2014


Expands education opportunities in nations worldwide through a global network of independent social enterprises.


Our partnership supports Teach For All’s strategic growth and expansion. 

Teach for America

Partner since 2009


Builds a movement to eliminate education inequity by enlisting our nation’s most promising future leaders in the effort.


Our initial partnership supported Teach For America’s national growth plan, including its expansion into Washington State. 


Our current partnership supports transitional funds for Teach For America's rural regions in the Deep South, Appalachia, the Rio Grande Valley, and other rural areas serving American Indian populations.  


Partner since 2004


Inspires young people to become science and technology leaders by engaging them in exciting mentor-based robotics programs that build technology skills, inspire innovation and foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication and leadership.


Our partnership supports robotics teams in low-income schools in select states. 

Uncommon Schools

Partner 2010-2015


Launches and manages outstanding urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to graduate from college.


Our partnership supports expansion of a network of high-performing charter schools in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. 


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