Excellence in K-12 Education

Alliance for Education

Partner since 2011


Secures seed capital for innovations in education and fosters city-wide support for excellence in Seattle Public Schools to help all children fulfill their potential as learners.


Our partnership supported the creation and implementation of the Seattle Teacher Residency (STR), an Urban Teacher Residency Program hosted at the University of Washington in partnership with Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Education Association. STR prepares teachers for successful careers in Seattle’s highest need schools. Our current grant supports laying the groundwork for developing the Puget Sound STEM Teacher Residency Program (PSSTR) and expanding to additional school districts in the greater Seattle area.


Aspen Institute - NewSchools Fellowship: Entrepreneurial Leaders for Public Education

Partner 2010-2011


Gives extraordinary leaders in public education the opportunity to work together to further develop their own capacities and think outside of traditional silos and sector boundaries in order to amplify their collective impact.


Our partnership supports participation of promising innovators and leaders serving public education. 

Discover U

Partner 2010-2017


Creates and supports enriched learning opportunities for traditionally underserved high school students in Texas – including internships, fellowships and job opportunities – that allow young people to see a future of better possibilities, including taking the next step toward higher education.


Our partnership supports the program’s growth from its pilot phase to its expansion in multiple high schools within its district. 

Education Trust

Partner 2011-2015


Speaks up for students by working alongside communities across the country to transform schools. Analyzes local, state and national data to build a broader understanding of the opportunity gap and how to close it.


Our partnership supports state-based communications and mobilization efforts to close the opportunity gap and improve education at the local and state levels.


Partner 2011-2013


Inspires excellence, confidence and curiosity in U.S. middle school students through fun and challenging math programs.


Our partnership supports integrating Chocolate Fix®  - an innovative approach to math problem solving – into the MATHCOUNTS Club. Over 125,000 students participate in MATHCOUNTS Clubs across all 50 states. 

New Classrooms

Partner since 2011


Redesigns the classroom to integrate multiple modalities of instruction into the same learning space – from live teacher-led lessons to software-based lessons and virtual tutors – to address students’ unique learning needs and styles.


Our partnership supports the development and launch of a national organization and R&D to drive increased student results. 

Pahara Institute

Partner Since 2012


Identifies, develops and supports outstanding leaders in public education, transforming public education in under-served communities.


Our partnership supports the Pahara Institute’s start-up phase and the expansion of the Pahara-Aspen Fellowship.

Relay Graduate School of Education

Partner 2011-2015


Responds to the urgent demand for effective and successful teachers in urban school systems.


Our partnership supports an innovative Master’s in Education program that prepares teachers to build academic skills and strength of character in their students, setting them up to succeed in college and life. 

The Better Angels Society - Ken Burns

Partner 2011 - 2013


Expands the reach and educational impact of Ken Burns’ films, giving students and educators the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of history.  


Our partnership supports the creation and development of the Ken Burns Mobile Classroom and Digital Library Project – an online portal for educators and students to explore history through documentary film. 

Washington STEM

Partner since 2011


Advances innovation, equity and excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in Washington State by investing in, elevating and sharing breakthrough practices in STEM education.


2011 and 2012 partnership supported Washington STEM’s entrepreneurial and portfolio investments. Our current partnership supports the STEM teacher Professional Development program, a reimagining of professional development for STEM teachers.



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