Partners - k12

Success Academy

Partner 2014-2015


Builds and operates a network of public elementary, middle and high schools designed to work as one seamless system for students, teachers and school leaders.


Our partnership supports schools in New York City.


Partner since 2013


Develops students' skills in design, development, testing, analysis, innovation and teamwork through project-based STEM curricula. The centerpiece of the program is a student-designed and tested rocket launch.


Our partnership supports staff, teacher training and rocket launches.

Teach for All

Partner 2011-2014


Expands education opportunities in nations worldwide through a global network of independent social enterprises.


Our partnership supports Teach For All’s strategic growth and expansion. 

Teach for America

Partner since 2009


Builds a movement to eliminate education inequity by enlisting our nation’s most promising future leaders in the effort.


Our initial partnership supported Teach For America’s national growth plan, including its expansion into Washington State. 


Our current partnership supports transitional funds for Teach For America's rural regions in the Deep South, Appalachia, the Rio Grande Valley, and other rural areas serving American Indian populations.  

Technology Access Foundation (TAF)

Partner since 2013


Introduces students of color to quality STEM programs and role models to promote social change and educational equity.


Our partnership supports the TAF Academy, a 6th-12th grade partner school that works with public school districts to provide meaningful STEM education and academic support to students.


Partner since 2016


Sparks and celebrates the ideas of teachers and students around the world.


Our partnership supports TED Ed Clubs and Innovative Educators. 


The Better Angels Society - Ken Burns

Partner 2011 - 2013


Expands the reach and educational impact of Ken Burns’ films, giving students and educators the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of history.  


Our partnership supports the creation and development of the Ken Burns Mobile Classroom and Digital Library Project – an online portal for educators and students to explore history through documentary film. 

The Buck Institute for Education

Partner since 2017


Creates, gathers, and shares high-quality Project Based Learning instructional practices and products and provides services to teachers, schools, and districts.


The Buck Institute is a Students Rebuild partner. Our partnership supports the creation of a project-based learning unit as part of the Students Rebuild Difference Challenge. 

The Intersection

Partner 2013-2014


Transforms students from underserved areas into leaders with the skills to go to and through college, engage in civic action and articulate and solve challenges facing themselves and their communities.


Our partnership supports program and communications staff to introduce high school students to community organizing, support student-led targeted projects that address community needs and provide college and career counseling.

The Seattle Foundation – GiveBIG

Partner 2012-2014


Catalyzes support for the greater Seattle area nonprofit ecosystem through a giant, 24 hour giving campaign.


Our partnership stretches gifts made to the Seattle Foundation’s Education portfolio during GiveBIG.