Partners - k12

NBC News Education Nation

Partner 2011-2013


Engages the country in solutions-focused conversations about the state of education in the United States.


Our partnership supports the annual Education Nation summit, which convenes thought leaders and practitioners from the early learning and K-12 fields. 

New Classrooms

Partner since 2011


Redesigns the classroom to integrate multiple modalities of instruction into the same learning space – from live teacher-led lessons to software-based lessons and virtual tutors – to address students’ unique learning needs and styles.


Our partnership supports the development and launch of a national organization and R&D to drive increased student results. 

NewSchools Venture Fund

Partner since 2016


Through venture philanthropy, supports education entrepreneurs to transform public education and create great results for all students.


Our partnership supports NewSchools’ support for tools and services to enhance our existing schools, new school models, and diverse leaders in education. 

One Day University

Partner in 2017


An Aspen Institute Youth & Engagement Program, this organization delivers innovative education programming across the country. 


Our partnership supports the One Day University Pilot for DC Metro High School students to experience college classrooms, explore campus life, and connect with resources to support college completion.

Pahara Institute

Partner Since 2012


Identifies, develops and supports outstanding leaders in public education, transforming public education in under-served communities.


Our partnership supports the Pahara Institute’s start-up phase and the expansion of the Pahara-Aspen Fellowship.

Rainier Scholars

Partner 2012-2014


Opens doors to education for promising students of color, providing a pathway to college graduation and creating future community leaders.


Our partnership supports this rigorous program for middle and high school students in the Seattle area.

Relay Graduate School of Education

Partner 2011-2015


Responds to the urgent demand for effective and successful teachers in urban school systems.


Our partnership supports an innovative Master’s in Education program that prepares teachers to build academic skills and strength of character in their students, setting them up to succeed in college and life. 

Seattle Music Partners

Partner 2007-2012

Provides free after-school music programs for underserved elementary and middle school students in Seattle’s Central District. Is a unique opportunity for skilled musicians to give back to their community.


Our partnership supports access to music and mentoring experiences that are otherwise out of reach for Seattle Music Partner’s target students. 

Stand for Children National

Partner since 2013


Builds effective local and statewide grassroots networks to help all children get the excellent public education they need to thrive.


Our partnership supports Stand University for Parents (Stand UP), a ten-week research-based course for parents of public elementary school students that supports positive and productive family-school partnerships, boosts parents' confidence and self-efficacy and arms parents with actionable strategies to increase student learning.

Stand for Children Washington State

Partner since 2010


Builds effective local and statewide grassroots networks to help all children get the excellent public education they need to thrive.


Our partnership supports Stand Universiy for Parents in Tacoma and Stand's work to support students and parents throughout the state.