Excellence in K-12 Education


Partner since 2015


Ignites the potential of youth in under-resourced communities and equips them for high school, college and career success through entrepreneurship-based, experiential learning.


Our partnership supports BUILD’s growth plan.

Character Lab

Partner Since 2013


Connects the science of character strength development with teachers and their classrooms. The Character Lab co-designs and funds research on character development to inform the creation of practical tools for K-12 teachers and families.


Our partnership supports the design and dissemination of tools and resources to classrooms. 

College Summit

Partner 2014-2015


Works with schools to prepare low-income high school students to succeed in college and careers by leveraging Peer Leaders, College Summit curricula, and student data.  


Our partnership supports College Summit’s App-A-Thon program. The program provides opportunities for Peer Leaders to train teachers on the use of the College App Map, which they can then use in their classrooms to equip students with tools to make getting to and through college more transparent and accessible.


Partner 2015-2016


Combines project-based learning, technology, and connections with real-world experts in classrooms to create meaningful learning experiences that cultivate contemporary skills. The model shifts the role of students from passive learners to active collaborators, problem solvers and contributors.


Our partnership supports professional development for Teachers in under-resourced regions to implement Educurious in their classrooms.  

Leading Educators

Partner since 2015


Partners with schools and districts to maximize the leadership development of highly effective teachers, bolstering the talent pipeline and, in turn, increasing student achievement.


Our partnership supported Leading Educators’ Teacher Fellowship program.  

Our current partnership supports Leading Educators' expansion into new regions and the development of high-impact programming with districts. 

Los Angeles Fund for Public Education - LightSail

Partner 2014-2015


Collaborates to build partnerships and support innovative solutions that will advance education and social outcomes for students in Los Angeles.


Our partnership supports a LightSail book library for students in LAUSD schools. LightSail is an interactive literacy platform for grades K-12 that supports student literacy growth (and a love of reading) and provides actionable data to teachers and administrators.

Martha's Table

Partner since 2013


Works to build a better future by addressing short-term emergency needs and long-term solutions to breaking the cycle of poverty through education and family support programs.


Our partnership supports Martha’s Table’s Education 2.0 Strategy.

Success Academy

Partner 2014-2015


Builds and operates a network of public elementary, middle and high schools designed to work as one seamless system for students, teachers and school leaders.


Our partnership supports schools in New York City.

Technology Access Foundation (TAF)

Partner since 2013


Introduces students of color to quality STEM programs and role models to promote social change and educational equity.


Our partnership supports the TAF Academy, a 6th-12th grade partner school that works with public school districts to provide meaningful STEM education and academic support to students.

University of Washington College of Education - U-ACT

Partner 2014-2015


Elevates the field of education through prestigious programs from undergraduate courses, to teacher preparation, leadership preparation, and graduate studies. The UW Accelerated Certification for Teachers (U-ACT) is an alternative pathway for teacher certification that is driven by in situ practice and coaching by expert educators.


Our partnership supports researching the effectiveness of translating U-ACT to other teacher preparation programs.  


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