Excellence in K-12 Education

Arizona State University’s Sustainability Science Education Project

Partner since 2016


Empowers K-8th grade educators to teach sustainability topics, problems, solutions, and divergent thinking in their classroom.


Our partnership supports the development of the Teaching Time Capsule, an online space that connects educators with one another and prepares them to animate sustainability science for their students by building the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to solve complex sustainability challenges. 


Partner 2015-2017


Ignites the potential of youth in under-resourced communities and equips them for high school, college and career success through entrepreneurship-based, experiential learning.


Our partnership supports BUILD’s growth plan.


Partner 2015-2016


Combines project-based learning, technology, and connections with real-world experts in classrooms to create meaningful learning experiences that cultivate contemporary skills. The model shifts the role of students from passive learners to active collaborators, problem solvers and contributors.


Our partnership supports professional development for Teachers in under-resourced regions to implement Educurious in their classrooms.  

Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy

Partner since 2016


Our partnership supports research by the Center on the Future of American Education (FutureEd), an independent education think tank.

International FIRST Committee Association

Partner since 2016


Expanding FIRST Robotics’ reach internationally to engage a new generation of young people.


Our partnership supports the startup phase of FIRST Global, including the 2017 FIRST Global competition. 


Leading Educators

Partner since 2015


Partners with schools and districts to maximize the leadership development of highly effective teachers, bolstering the talent pipeline and, in turn, increasing student achievement.


Our partnership supported Leading Educators’ Teacher Fellowship program.  

Our current partnership supports Leading Educators' expansion into new regions and the development of high-impact programming with districts. 

National Parent Leadership Institute

Partner since 2016


Enables parents to become leading advocates for children and become practiced change agents for the next generation.


Our partnership supports the development and expansion of a national organization to reach more parents and communities with the Parent Leadership Training Institute model. 


NewSchools Venture Fund

Partner since 2016


Through venture philanthropy, supports education entrepreneurs to transform public education and create great results for all students.


Our partnership supports NewSchools’ support for tools and services to enhance our existing schools, new school models, and diverse leaders in education. 

Success Academy

Partner 2014-2015


Builds and operates a network of public elementary, middle and high schools designed to work as one seamless system for students, teachers and school leaders.


Our partnership supports schools in New York City.

Turnaround for Children

Partner since 2015


Translates neuroscientific research into tools and strategies for schools with high concentrations of students impacted by adversity, in order to accelerate healthy development and academic achievement.


Our partnership supports a multi-year Capital Campaign to research, develop, and disseminate scalable tools and resourcest to new schools in order to significantly extend Turnaround's impact. 



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