Partners - Early Learning

Harvard Center on the Developing Child

Partner since 2011


Enhances child well-being through research-backed innovations in policy and practice. Designs, implements and evaluates models that reduce disparities in childhood well-being.


Our partnership supports Harvard University’s Frontiers of Innovation which seeks to test breakthrough approaches to early learning and accelerate the translation of scientific research to practice. Our partnership also supports  a cross-institutional research collaboration with the Institute for Learning and Brain Science at the University of Washington. 

Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (ILABS)

Partner since 2008


Discovers core principals of human learning, with an emphasis on zero-to- five. Home to the world’s first MEG brain-imaging facility focused on childhood development, I-LABS combines interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches to developmental neuroscience that will enable all children to achieve their full potential.


Our partnership supports innovative research, translation of research findings for broader audiences, including practitioners, policy-makers and the general public, as well as a cross-institutional research collaboration with the Harvard Center on the Developing Child. The foundation also established the Bezos Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Early Childhood Learning. 

Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop

Partner since 2013


Focuses on the challenges of educating children in a rapidly changing media landscape by conducting original research on emerging education technologies and collaborating with educators and media producers to put this research into action.


Our partnership supports the Families & Media Project, which aims to unearth the potential that media may have for enriching family learning and routines, especially in families from underserved populations


Partner since 2014


Creates imaginative and inspiring play spaces for youth across the country to promote the preservation of play everywhere and for every child.


Our partnership supports KaBOOM!’s behavioral research and the development of enriching play environments for children and families.  

National Academy of Sciences

Partner 2014-2017


Provides research-backed recommendations to Congress on science, engineering, and health.


Our partnership supports the Supporting Parents of Children Ages 0-8 research project of the Committee on Supporting Parents of Young Children. 

National League of Cities

Partner since 2015


Serves the interests of cities, towns and villages in the US as well as professionals working in municipal government. 


NLC is a Early Learning Nation 2025 partner. Our partnership supports the Early Childhood-LINC network, which works to improve results for young children and families in communities across the country with a focus on accelerating the development of effective, integrated, local early childhood system.

National Parent Leadership Institute

Partner since 2016


Enables parents to become leading advocates for children and become practiced change agents for the next generation.


Our partnership supports the development and expansion of a national organization to reach more parents and communities with the Parent Leadership Training Institute model. 


No Small Matter

Partner 2014-2016


Directed by award-winning film makers, Danny Alpert, Greg Jacobs, and Jon Siskel, this documentary film aims to start a national dialogue about ECE by highlighting the research, limitations and opportunities for early learning in the US.


Our partnership supports the research and production for this feature-length documentary. 

NYU Langone Medical Center - Department of Population Health

Partner Since 2017


Bridges the worlds of medical care and public health to improve peoples’ lives and the health of populations in New York City and around the globe through impact-oriented research and front-line partnerships.

Our partnership supports programs and positions to help a new NYU Langone Medical Center campus in Brooklyn provide optimal child and family health and development.  The foundation also established the Bezos Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Population Health.

Ounce of Prevention Fund

Partner 2013-2016


Advocates for and provides high quality care and education for children, 0-5 particularly those born into poverty. The Ounce reaches thousands of infants, toddlers and preschoolers through programs, training, evaluation and advocacy efforts each year.


Our partnership supports the Ounce of Prevention Fund's Home Visiting Training Initiative.