List of Partners

Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy

Partner since 2016


Our partnership supports research by the Center on the Future of American Education (FutureEd), an independent education think tank.

Global Nomads Group

Partner since 2004           


Fosters dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth through live videoconferences and educational programs focused on critical global issues.


Global Nomads Group is a founding Students Rebuild partner. Our partnership supports interactive educational opportunities and dynamic learning experiences inside and between classrooms. 

Global Visionaries

Partner 2014-2015


A youth-led organization that challenges young people to become socially and environmentally conscious global citizens and leaders.


Our partnership supports the Global Leadership Summer Institute and Teacher Professional Development.

Greater Trinity Academy

Partner 2012-2014


Advances opportunities for traditionally underserved children and their families, empowering them with an exceptional preschool education, a rigorous before-and after school program for elementary students and job support for parents and caregivers.


Our partnership supports general operations for this emblematic top-tier early learning center: eighty-five percent of GTA students enter school ahead of their peers and 100 percent enter Kindergarten at or above literacy grade level.  

Half the Sky Movement

Partner 2012-2014


Raises awareness about women’s education, health, protection and economic issues and provides concrete steps to fight gender-based oppression.


Our partnership supports the Half the Sky Movement Campus Ambassadors program, which provides students with a blueprint for engagement on the six issues presented in the Half the Sky Movement documentary: gender-based violence, sex trafficking, forced prostitution, maternal mortality, education and economic empowerment. Our partnership also supports the Students Rebuild Award featuring Half the Sky Movement.