List of Partners

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Partner since 2010


Creates and supports enriched learning opportunities for traditionally underserved high school students in Texas – including internships, fellowships and job opportunities – that allow young people to see a future of better possibilities, including taking the next step toward higher education.


Our partnership supports the program’s growth from its pilot phase to its expansion in multiple high schools within its district. 


Partner in 2016


Makes it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need, moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the tools and experiences they need for a great education.


Our partnership supported the “Best School Day Ever” – a flash fund for student-led projects. 


Early Steps to School Success (Save the Children)

Partner since 2013


Works with parents and caregivers living in rural poverty through parenting groups, home visits and book exchanges, equipping families with the skills to successfully support their children’s growth and transition to school.


Our partnership supports Early Steps to School Success sites in California, Colorado, Louisiana and the scaling of Vroom in sites nationwide. 


Education Trust

Partner 2011-2015


Speaks up for students by working alongside communities across the country to transform schools. Analyzes local, state and national data to build a broader understanding of the opportunity gap and how to close it.


Our partnership supports state-based communications and mobilization efforts to close the opportunity gap and improve education at the local and state levels.


Partner 2015-2016


Combines project-based learning, technology, and connections with real-world experts in classrooms to create meaningful learning experiences that cultivate contemporary skills. The model shifts the role of students from passive learners to active collaborators, problem solvers and contributors.


Our partnership supports professional development for Teachers in under-resourced regions to implement Educurious in their classrooms.